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Why Is Regular Health Checkup Important?

Why Is Regular Health Checkup Important_

A checkup is a complete medical examination in express format. In a short time, the patient receives the necessary information about the state of health, as well as recommendations for treatment or prevention.

A full body examination in express format should be carried out by healthy men and women from 25 to 30 years of age every 2-3 years. Do an annual medical examination if you are over 50.

People need a checkup even if you are over 30 with an uncertain state of health. It seems that everything is fine, but there is no 100% confirmation of this. After all, improper nutrition, sleep disturbances, lack of physical activity, sedentary work, stress, and nervous tension will somehow affect the general well-being. This can result in headaches, malaise, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, and other symptoms. A full examination of the body will reveal the exact cause of the disease and prevent the development of a severe illness.

What is a comprehensive body examination and to whom it is indicated?

At each stage of human life, a person should know what is happening with his body, and what potentially dangerous diseases can appear. To do this, you should undergo a full body screening, which includes various methods: ultrasound, ECG, blood, urine, and others.

Instrumental methods of examination and various analyzes help to detect diseases at the initial stage. The success of treatment depends on how fast a person visits a healthcare institution.

People who are predisposed to cancer and hereditary diseases just need to monitor their health. They need to undergo a full body examination at least once a year. Every person should visit a doctor even if they are not in the risk group.

The most common disease, breast cancer, today affects more than 50 000 women. This figure is growing by 2-4% annually. Specialists strongly recommend that young girls and women undergo a gynecologist and mammologist examination every 6 months.

As for men, every seventh man over 50 is established a terrible diagnosis – prostate cancer. In the early stages of development, this disease is completely treatable, so all that is needed is to visit a urologist regularly, undergo a complete health checkup and take tests.

What is included in a complete body examination?

The list of analyzes, consultations, and studies depends on age and gender characteristics. The general standard program is aimed at detecting/preventing diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine, digestive and respiratory, genitourinary systems. Using a comprehensive program, you can identify hidden sexually transmitted infections, evaluate the state of metabolism, detect inflammatory processes and make suggestions about cancer pathologies.

An example of a typical checkup for women 30-40 years old includes the following procedures:

  • primary and repeated appointment with a general practitioner;
  • consultation of narrow specialists (gynecologist, gastroenterologist, mammologist, neurologist, etc.);
  • ultrasound of the thyroid gland, pelvis and abdominal cavity, mammary glands, and urinary system;
  • echocardiography and ECG;
  • gastroscopy and spirometry;
  • chest x-ray;
  • general blood test, biochemical and blood for thyroid hormones;
  • analysis of oncogenic strains;
  • identification of STIs (sexually transmitted infections);
  • smear microscopy and cytology.