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Ventolin for Immediate Relief

Ventolin is one of the most common medicines prescribed to patients suffering from asthma. Asthma is very common these days and to treat and prevent it, there is nothing more useful as Ventolin. It is a bronchodilator and itis being used extensively to treat the above-mentioned diseases. The inhaler is also known as the Reliever Puffer. This name has been given to it as it quickly provides relief from asthma attacks.

Ventolin is used to prevent and relieve bronchospasm in asthma patients. It is also being used to treat patients with chronic bronchitis and emphysema when their signs are closely associated with irreversible bronchospasm.

How it works

The primary work of Ventolin is to relax the smooth muscles in the bronchospasm (airway). It allows the in and outflow of the air to the lungs more easily and effectively. Once inhaled, it starts working within 15 minutes and can last for as long as 6 hours.

Follow the instructions

It is highly recommended that you follow the instructions provided on the label. If you are not able to understand the instructions properly, you must directly contact Trusted Tablets or your doctor for further information. It should be ensured that you are using it as directed.


The usual dosage for treatment of asthma symptoms is a couple of puffs repeated after every 4 to 6 hours for adults and kids aged over 4 years. Even a single puff in every four hours can be enough. It is not good for you to take Ventolin more frequently or inhale the inhaler more than what is prescribed to you. The usual dosage in case of exercise-induced bronchospasm is a couple of puffs in every half an hour.

Points to notice


There are a few things that you must know:

  1. Make sure that it does not make contact with your eyes.
  2. Do not use the inhaler when you are sitting close to heat or flame.
  3. In case you have forgotten the dose, no need to worry at all. Take the next dose before the regular time or as soon as you realize that you have missed the dose.
  4. Do not keep the inhaler at some cool place, such as refrigerator. It should also be placed away from heat and direct sunlight.
  5. Don’t forget to leave it in your car in extremely hot days.


It is advised that you should tell every health issue to your doctor before taking the medicine. Tell your doctor if you are

  • Allergic to some medicines;
  • Going through some other treatment;
  • Suffering from high blood pressure;
  • If you have some kidney, liver or heart problem;
  • Pregnant or feeding your newborn.

All these matters are crucial for your safety. You must ensure that the inhaler is supporting you effectively. Do not forget to use it exactly as the doctor has prescribed.