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Top 8 Pharmacy Apps In USA For 2022

Top 8 Pharmacy Apps In USA For 2022

The pharmacy app opens up new possibilities. The 2022 consumer wants everything to be done quickly and easily. The app allows the drugstore to establish communication with the customer and be in touch 24/7. Even if the pharmacy is closed, this does not prevent the client from studying the information about the medicine, comparing prices, and submitting a request. Thus, the drugstore becomes actually round-the-clock, and orders are processed automatically.

Today, there are numerous pharmacy apps that can be used to order meds. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the mobile app for pharmacies and customers, and also review the 8 best pharmacy apps in 2022.

Why Is There A Growing Need For Medicine Delivery App Development?


The demand for medicines and health-related products is increasingly growing. As a result, offline drugstores find it difficult to keep up with consumer demands, especially during the recent two years. Another releant aspect in the never-ending expansion of online pharmacy app development is the simplicity of ordering low-cost drugs from the comfort of one’s own home, eliminating patients’ need to go anywhere.

Online stores, on the other hand, can meet an extensive range of customers’ needs on the global level. That is why many phamacies strive to go online, i.e., concentrating on developing an online pharmacy app. Moreover, modern consumers who order drugs online can benefit from generous discounts, the fast ordering process, and prompt home deliveries.

For customers:

  • Customers can order all their medications in one place, from the comfort of their homes.
  • The apps provide regular discounts as well as additional benefits such as free bonus pills or free shipping.
  • Set reminders about your prescriptions.
  • Get simple access to comprehensive information on medicines and health products.
  • Convenient feedback 24/7, online chat with a consultant.
  • Keep a history of all your purchases.
  • A map with the location of the nearest pharmacies with a schedule of work and detailed information;

For pharmacies:

  • With the app, it is easier to increase brand awareness and competitiveness.
  • The drugstore increases sales through the selection of related products and increases the number of customers.
  • The company conducts successful marketing campaigns, analytics and forecasting changes in the market.
  • The pharmacy improves the service and increases its service by automating many processes.

Here Are The Top Medicine Ordering/Delivery Apps In The USA

1 CDrugstore US based pharmacy delivery app
2 Trusted Tablets Trusted Tablets established itself as a top 1 pharmacy app in the USA
3 MedPack MedPack is a reliable online medicine delivery company
4 OnlineMeds OnlineMeds is a US leading online medicine delivery app
5 OnPharmacyRX The OnPharmacyRX app is one of the other most popular medicine delivery apps
6 Healthlife One of the favorite pharmacy delivery apps in the country
7 Assistant Pharmacy Assistant Pharmacy is one of the top pharmacy delivery apps in the United States
8 Pill Chemistry Pill Chemistry delivers your prescriptions, the same day, for free—all from your phone.

1. CDrugstore App

CDrugstore is a US-based company. Today, this largest pharmacy chain is serving more than 8000 areas in America. In addition to drugs, this online pharmacy app also delivers the most popular health-related goods, including – first-aid kits, vitamins, hygiene products, etc. With a rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store, CDrugstore is a great example of a straightforward medication ordering.

CDrugstore Main Features:

  • The user-friendly app allows consumers access to a rich selection of goods.
  • Customers have more options than simply ordering medicine using the website. They can refill their prescriptions easily.

2. Trusted Tablets App

The Trusted Tablets app is one of the best pharmacy apps in the USA that allows consumers to order low-cost drugs. Such an app has a loyal customer network and drugs available at competitive prices. Each medicine in the app comes with a detailed description. Here you can read about indications for use, dosage, contraindications, side effects, recommendations for use, interactions, precautions, and other important details.

In addition, you can easily purchase a wide range of allopathic drugs, homeopathic products, Ayurvedic remedies, and over-the-counter products. It is a convenient pharmacy app for all health needs with a 4.9-star rating on the Google Play store.


Trusted Tablets’ Main Features:

  • Set reminders – and you will always get your medication on time. Set the day, time and dose, and be sure the pharmacy app will notify you in time.
  • Get regular discounts on pharmaceuticals and the best prices on OTC goods from brands and generic manufacturers.
  • Check exactly where your package is and when it`s arriving. Keep check of all your packages in one pharmacy app.

3. MedPack App

MedPack is an experienced medicine delivery service that delivers top-quality drugs to consumers’ homes. MedPack has two outstanding aspects that allow it to provide a great shopping experience to its customers. First, when you order medications online through MedPack, the parcels are delivered to your home and classified according to the amount and time defined by health care providers. Users will never forget dosages this way.

Another amazing benefit of this meds app is that when you create a personal account, you can also get access to caregivers. This keeps your close people informed and allows the chemist to contact the caregiver if they have any questions.

MedPack’s Main features:

  • The app is designed for customers who need to take various medicines on a regular basis.
  • Receive real-time notifications, manage your orders and refills.

4. OnlineMeds App

OnlineMeds is a reliable online medicine delivery app that is in great demand in the USA. The program allows people to order medications from anywhere worldwide. With this app, you may easily refill your prescriptions and place your order in a few minutes. All types of drugs in the catalog are eligible for a 15% discount and are delivered within several days. With millions of loyal users, OnlineMeds has established itself as the US’s most popular medicine delivery app that meets the medical demands of Americans.

OnlineMeds offers the most flawless shopping experience to mobile users. It has a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play Store. OnlineMeds offers ultramodern features like speedy payments, simple onboarding, push notifications, and intuitive navigation. All these features make this app more attractive for people. In addition to drug purchases, this app also delivers goods for beauty and fitness.

OnlineMeds’ Main Features:

  • Book a doctor’s appointment via the Internet.
  • Get comprehensive information about drugs as well as other health-related products.
  • Here you can book several types of tests online.
  • Get Internet access to medical reports.

5. OnPharmacyRX App

OnPharmacyRX was founded in 2015, it is a top medicine delivery app in the country. The app offers an effortless registration process to quickly allow users to join the app and submit their orders. Besides, the app provides patients a speedy video call with chemists and allows them to get the needed drugs directly. The app’s performance depends on advancing technologies that help reduce the delivery time and enjoy a top-quality user experience.

OnPharmacyRX’s Main Features:

  • A video chat with a chemist is available on the pharmacy discount app.
  • Physicians can send prescriptions to the drugstore directly.
  • The app delivers drugs within 24 hours.

6. Healthlife App

Healthlife App features an intuitive design and is considered one of the most credible pharmacy delivery apps in the USA. Orders are delivered within 1-2 days. You can even pay for drugs with cash on delivery. In addition, the store offers a rich selection of over-the-counter products.

Healthlife is a multi-award-winning app with over a million loyal customers. It offers health-related products and services all across the United States. You can order a wide range of products and services through this app. Use the program from the comfort of your home to order drugs and OTC products. You can also consult physicians and do diagnostic testing online.

Healthlife’s Main Features:

  • You can make a fast doctor’s appointment remotely.
  • The meds app provides up to a 40% discount on various healthcare products.

7. Assistant Pharmacy App

Assistant Pharmacy is one of the well-known pharmacy apps in the USA. It has an extensive chain of medical stores in the country where users can get their drugs with a few taps. The online pharmacy app is more than just a medicine delivery service. It offers various pharmaceuticals, health, healthy nutrition, and fitness products online.

This legitimate online pharmacy app is today available for download all around the globe. The success of this program has already inspired millions of users.

Assistant Pharmacy’s Main Features:

  • Refill prescriptions easily from history or by scan.
  • Earn rewards points and convert them to BonusCash for additional savings.
  • Set convenient reminders up for each of your prescriptions.

8. Pill Chemistry App

The Pill Chemistry is another popular pharmacy app that provides its users with same-day free drug delivery. The app has a 4.8 star rating on the Apple App Store thank to its impressive features. The meds app has become a great example for many mobile app developers.

Pill Chemistry App’s Main Features:

  • You can learn all you need about your prescription on the online pharmacy app, including its price, right dosage, and frequency of intake.
  • Chat with a chemist online around the clock.

What Are The Different Types Of Medical Apps?

A pharmacy app is just one of the many applications of the Mobile Health technology. There are other kinds of medicine apps designed by mobile app development companies and available for downloading.

  • Diagnosis apps
  • Drug delivery apps
  • Medical reference apps
  • Healthcare journal apps
  • The clinical decision helper app
  • Social networking app
  • Health news apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Online monitoring apps
  • Physicians on-demand apps

Final Thoughts

Pharmacy apps have brought a new user experience to the pharmaceutical industry. Customers no longer need to go anywhere and stand in lines to buy meds and health-related products. Not only consumers, but drugstores also advance their business by modifying them into mobile apps. All that means a well-designed drugstore app can help companies earn more money and prevent the patient from traveling around the city for hours seeking prescribed drugs.