Trusted Tablets

Privacy Policy

What does this data privacy policy cover?

Confidentiality is a matter of trust. Your trust is very important to Trusted Tablets. Therefore, we have published this data privacy policy. This Privacy Policy defines what personal data we process, how and for what purposes. It is important for us that you are fully informed about the processing of your personal data. Therefore, this document provides information on how and why we collect, process and use your personal data. It is important for us that you understand:

  • what personal data we collect and process;
  • when we collect your personal data;
  • purpose of data processing;
  • how long we keep your personal data;
  • who has access to your personal data;
  • what rights do you have regarding your personal data.

What is “personal data” and what does “processing” mean?

The processing of personal data is regulated by data protection legislation. Personal data is all information that may be associated with a specific individual. In particular, personal data may include the following information:

  • contact information, for example, name, postal address, email address, phone number;
  • other personal data, for example, gender, birthday and age, marital status, citizenship;
  • information about job, for example, occupation, profession, position, training, list of previous employers, skills and experience, permits and membership in professional organizations;
  • credit card number, account information, and credit status;
  • health data, such as information about physical and mental disorders;
  • records of your visits to websites and use of applications.

Some personal data is protected by law.

We do not necessarily process all categories of personal data mentioned in this section. Depending on the type of processing, we will also inform you of additional information in a separate privacy policy or privacy statement, especially if a particular type of data processing is not self-evident.

The word “processing” means any processing of your personal data.In particular, it includes the following actions:

  • collection and storage;
  • organization and administration;
  • adaptation and change;
  • use and application;
  • transmission and disclosure;
  • linking to other data;
  • restriction of use;
  • removal and destruction.

How do we protect your personal data?

We take appropriate security measures (for example, encryption, logging, restriction of access, data protection, etc.) and organizational nature (for example, instructions for our employees, confidentiality agreements, control, etc.) to ensure the security of your personal data in order to protect against unauthorized or illegal processes and to counter the risk of loss, unintentional change, unwanted disclosure or unauthorized access. However, as a rule, security risks cannot be completely eliminated. As a result, some residual risks are inevitable.