Trusted Tablets

Prescription Requirement

In the free US market, you can buy a very limited list of medicines: all kinds of vitamins, supplements, antibacterial agents, and more. The most potent medications that you can buy without a prescription are antipyretic and painkillers, in all other cases you need a prescription. Medical insurance, depending on conditions, also covers the definite percentage of the cost of medications.


In the vast majority of cases, you need a prescription to buy medications. Depending on the clinic, the prescription may be handed out to you in an electronic way. It may be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

In the medical profile, it is indicated which pharmacy you use. At the doctor’s appointment, if you need a prescription, the doctor himself sends the electronic prescription to the pharmacy. Within an hour or two, an email arrives from the pharmacy that your order is ready and you can pick it up.


All the medications you ordered, pharmacists are packaged in special bottles. The number of tablets is limited by therapy duration, that is, if the doctor told you to take 10 days, 3 tablets per day, then you will buy exactly 30 tablets in a bottle. A sticker with the name of the tablets and how to apply them is glued to the bottle.

In America, as in many countries, it is impossible to buy potent drugs (pressure, antibiotics, psychotropic and others) without a prescription. There are a number of medications that are dispensed without a doctor’s prescription like:

  • Tums, Mylanta, Maalox – for heartburn. It tastes sweet.
  • Pancreatin – used for gastritis, pancreatitis.
  • Zantac, Acid Reducer – to treat high acidity.
  • Lactaid – will help those who do not tolerate dairy products.
  • Dulcexla – Laxative, helps with constipation.


  • Advil is a pain reliever. There are soluble powder and suspension.
  • Tylenoe is a painkiller. The active substance is ibuprofen. If a tooth or head gets sick, it’s suitable.
  • Motrin – antipyretic.
  • Migraine Relief – eliminates the symptoms of migraine.


  • Zyrtec – removes swelling of the mucosa.
  • Nasalcrom, Cheor-Trimeton, Drixoral – antihistamines.
  • Neosporin – antibacterial sprayMelatonin – insomnia treatment.
  • Stress Formula – an anti-stress agent.