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Trusted Tablets is a resource that allows you to find and buy the necessary medications, medical supplies, beauty and health products. The ordering procedure is carried out in the comfort of your home.

Buying in our online pharmacy is no different from a regular purchase in a conventional pharmacy. However, the service saves you time by eliminating the need to search for the right medications throughout the city. It makes possible to order all the necessary, even the rarest, medications online.

This online pharmacy works directly with the largest and most famous distributors of pharmaceutical products. The quality of goods is guaranteed by a set of certificates, the reputation of the company – manufacturers and suppliers, strict observance of the transportation rules and storage of goods.

Experienced pharmacists working in our company will advise you on any medication that interests you. Our medical pharmacy is located in California.
Trusted Tablets_ Top Online Pharmacy

Operational comfort

High-quality medical and health-related products of well-known companies;

A wide range of medications, dietary supplements (biologically active additives), homeopathy, medical products and health-related goods – medical cosmetics, hygiene products, skincare items;

Professional consultations on medications, dietary supplements and medical cosmetics over email. Our pharmacy works with the largest wholesale suppliers. Contacts with reliable suppliers exclude counterfeit medications. It guarantees a wide range, reasonable prices, a high level of service.

Quality control

All goods supplied to the pharmacy for sale are thoroughly tested. According to quality certificates and analysis protocols, all our medications meet strict control. In addition, in the process of entering the warehouse, the product is also re-checked according to new information from the FDA concerning falsified and rejected goods.


The pharmacists in our store are distinguished by their professionalism and competence. You can always address them for advice. Our website is a place where you will find attentive and competent specialists. The company tirelessly cares about the professional growth of its specialists. Many of them, who have not worked before in this sphere (beginners) employed here immediately after graduation, have gained experience, improved their qualifications and achieved career growth. The network provides training seminars and conferences.

Innovative issues

We strive to increase the range of medications in our pharmacy, in particular, rare, specific drugs. We plan to increase the assortment of dietary supplements, which are prescribed by doctors and accompany drug treatment, sometimes they do not have medicinal analogs. Trusted Tablets sees its task in the quality control of dietary supplements, as well as in the training of specialists who can provide consulting services online. We invest in computer technologies. Our company is fully computerized. The advantage of an automated control system is the accounting of goods by series. It allows automatic tracking of any product. All goods upon prescription at the pharmacy are tested.

Delivery options

After placing the order, our manager will contact you to confirm the availability of the ordered goods in the pharmacy. You can pay for the goods by any means described in detail on our website in the appropriate section. If the product is currently unavailable in the pharmacy, the operator will inform you how to act in the following way.

Express Courier Delivery to the exact address. When placing an order, you must correctly indicate the desired delivery point to where the courier will need to deliver the goods. Before delivery, the courier will contact you at the phone specified in the order and agree on the time convenient for you to receive it.

Regular Airmail Delivery. When placing an order, you must correctly indicate the desired delivery point especially if it is PO Box. If the address is specified incorrectly you cannot count on refund or reshipment free of charge.

Delivery terms

The method of order delivery through Regular Airmail, the delivery time for orders corresponds to the delivery time. It ranges from 14 to 21 business days. Delivery times may be increased on holidays. Orders are processed 7 days a week and shipped from Monday to Friday.

Express delivery takes 5-9 business days for the parcel to come.


Viagra contains sildenafil, a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. This means that our body has the enzyme phosphodiesterase, which affects the blood flow in penile cavernous bodies. If this enzyme is blocked, not allowed to act, then blood flow will increase. Sildenafil relaxes smooth muscles, blood vessels and enhances blood flow to the penis. This already helps to maintain an erection. Viagra does not treat the cause of the dysfunction, it simply eliminates the symptoms.

Cialis is a drug created to provide a stable erection. It is designed to help men restore intimate relationships. This drug has extraordinary effectiveness, as evidenced by a large number of positive customer reviews that note the reliability, convenience, high performance, safety. Cialis refers to stimulants because the effect of its action is possible only in case of sexual excitement. Men feel the effect of the drug 15 minutes after application. Basically, the effect, on average, appears within 30 minutes. Cialis works for 36 hours.

Levitra is a modern drug of synthetic origin, which is based on vardenafil. It is produced in the form of round tablets containing 5, 10 or 20 mg of the active substance. Available in special blisters. The high effectiveness has been proven by research and many years of clinical practice. Therefore, Levitra rightfully occupies a leading position among drugs for the treatment of erectile disorders. An excellent effect is observed in 90% of patients. It helps to overcome erectile dysfunction caused by physiological and psychological factors, as well as factors of a different nature. The medicine has been successfully used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction that arose on the background of diabetes.

Ventolin is a potent anti-asthma, used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in diseases of the bronchi and lungs, which are accompanied by the bronchospastic syndrome. The medication is designed to stop asthma attacks, as well as suppress bronchospasm that occurs due to exposure to an allergen or high physical exertion. The medicine often becomes one of the components of the therapeutic complex with long-term treatment.

Avanafil is a second-generation PDE-5 inhibitor – the latest development among potency regulators. This medicine was discovered in 2012 by the famous pharmaceutical company VIVUS Inc. under the brand Spedra. The most popular generic in the world was acquired by another drug based on Avanafil – Stendra developed by Mist Pharmaceuticals. This drug is a means to combat erectile dysfunction since it has minimal indicators for the frequency of side effects.


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Sienna Savage: “I periodically use this service for 3 years. I order delivery to my PO Box. There has never been a failure, everything is on time and prices are reasonable.”

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Mason Coles: “I suffered ran to pharmacies in search of the right medicine. All drugs were offered only at an expensive (overpriced!) price. Moreover, the price at times increased from the name of the manufacturer. I heard about the website, I decided to look for the sake of interest. In the end, I found my medications at a reasonable price. I always use the services of this online pharmacy. Thanks to the site for making it possible to choose the right product at a reasonable price. I recommend the seller as reliable and decent.”

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